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Jens F. Busch, Jr.

Jens F. Busch, Jr.

Financial Planner/ Investment Advisor Representative

October 19, 1987, is known as Black Monday. It was the most significant stock market correction in a trading day to date and happened to fall on my first week as a financial professional. This historic, investor panic-filled day made me the financial planner I am today. I learned to stay objective when others were emotional. I experienced that markets trending up quickly can trend down quicker. Over the past 36 years, experience has taught me to tune out the market's daily noise and that investors faced greater risk than ever before. The internet has made trading more accessible and misinformation rampant. Covid 19 has reminded us that life is fragile and can change at a moment's notice. The next decade will require more focus on the protection of our assets. We need to utilize active management rather than passive investment strategies. We need to know where we are now financially to move towards where we want to be. A comprehensive financial plan, which I can provide my clients, helps to clarity financial goals and what is needed to achieve an individual's financial independence.


The American School in Switzerland Thorpe, Surrey England (1976-1977)
The University of Texas at Austin (1978-1981)


Charity Fund Raisers
Founder of the Austin Blues an Official Gold Tier Chelsea FC Supporters Club
Museum and Art Galleries
Cooking for Family and Friends

Community Involvement

It Starts With Soccer - Charity Fundraiser